Application Process for Social Security Disability

For everybody who is applying for Social Security Disability or SSI in, you should probably be aware what you’re up against. Despite the fact that Social Security is known as a federal government program, you can find variations in processing times by state. Here we will examine the usual disability application,

Applying for Social Security Disability in? There are actually a number of simple steps in the process you should know about. Social Security Disability, often known as SSDI, is known as a federal program operated by the Social Security Administration. The particular wait periods for each and every phase are different and even change by state. This is what to anticipate for.

Initial Application Level

The initial step is normally the disability application. If you happen to be in looking to apply for Social Security Disability, the particular process is easy. You need to make a decision if you are intending to submit an application on your own or with the help of a disability advocate or disability attorney. If you are undecided where to start, get in touch with the Social Security Disability Center and our no cost disability consultation may help answer your questions.

When you first apply it will take around 3-5 months before you’ll discover if you’re accepted or denied. We’ve found found that those who in the beginning submit an application employing an expert advocate or attorney will certainly substantially increase your odds of acceptance. Why? It is because they can help you steer clear of typical mistakes first time applicants make, we have submitted thousands of applications in.

Reconsideration Level

Your Social Security Disability application Social Security Disability application was denied, now what? In roughly 70% of disability benefits applications are generally denied to start with. An individual will have 60 days for you to file an appeal for reconsideration to the Social Security Administration (SSA). In the event you don’t file the appeal within the given amount of time a person will have to begin again and wait yet another three – five months.

The reconsideration level has demanding approval regulations, almost 85% of appeals are generally denied. If you’re taking into consideration an appeal it is strongly recommended you seek help. If you’re not consulting a physician, start; if you’re not currently being represented by a lawyer or disability advocate, find one. A large number of disability claims take about 3-5 months in order to process.

Exactly why would it be vital that you be represented at this particular level? Time is the answer. You now will be in the task involved with getting Social Security Disability for approximately six to ten months. If you lose the appeal during the reconsideration level the next period the SSA provides you with a response for your case will likely be around 18 months, one and a half years. This is why it really is crucial to get all of your documents, medical records, journals, physician recommendation, etc. in correct order prior to deciding to submit them to the Social Security Administration for ones appeal.

Hearing Level

The hearing level has good and bad news. The good… Should you be refused through the Reconsideration level, which can be very possible, the Hearing level provides a higher percentage approval rate. If you were working together with a disability advocate or disability attorney, the approval rate can be 85%-90%. The bad… There is an increase in the wait period. From the date and time you submit a person’s appeal up to the point the point in time you get the SSA’s decision, typically the average wait can be eighteen months. It’s actually typical for many disability applicants to wait virtually 1 year to get the hearing scheduled. Once a person obtain your hearing date it truly is essential that you appear to the hearing regardless of what happens. In certain circumstances a person might be able to work along with the Social Security Administration and get the hearing date to a sooner time, this is certainly a specific thing your disability advocateor disability attorney can help you with.

Should you be refused in the Reconsideration level, which unfortunately will happen, the hearing level contains the greatest possibility of success. Those disability applicants that get to this point, have a very respectable claim, and represent themselves in the hearing might have around a 60-70% chance of being approved. Those that retain representation can have around 85-90% possibility of being approved.

Appeals Level

In case your case is refused on the hearing level, it is possible to appeal the decision at the national level. Having said that, the actual wait will probably be rather extended. Generally your case is remanded back to a judge for an additional look, amongst other things. This stage, particularly the Federal District Court, may take years to offer a determination. It could be quicker to reapply and begin the process once more.

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